Build-to-Rent (BTR)

Why Build-to-Rent with Frontier Networks?


Frontier Networks works towards high quality and future ready solutions for the trending Build-to-Rent developments.

With over 10 years experience in the market, we build future ready telco solutions with high-speed optic fibre networks and offer embedded building management systems that are built to last.

From the integration of smart home technology, CCTV, Security, Access etc. we can handle the complete projects.

Our preliminary plan review and design services have been initiated to offer you a cost effective operative network system.


Option: White label solutions


Frontier Networks can offer embedded and customised telecommunication solutions for your development.


Benefits for the Developer and End-Consumer: 

  • All-in-One Telecommunications Solutions
  • Australian owned and operated Customer Service 
  • Individual Billing 
  • Technical Support Team
  • Passive Income opportunityf or the developer
  • Extra Marketing opportunity for your brand

Design, Plan & Build

We offer a Plan Review and Design Service to build a network infrastructure for your development, which meets the requirements of the future.


Integrate internet, phone, common area WiFi, Freeview MATV, satellite TV, Foxtel, CCTV, security, building access systems, and more.

Building Management

Choose between our open wholesale network or an embedded network delivery
for a superior choice of speeds, services and bundled offerings for consumers.

Become future ready. Let's get connected.

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Spring Hill

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