Our Solution

Frontier is a  one-stop-shop  for the design, build, and operation of your entire technology requirements – allowing you the operator to do what you do best and to allow your residents to enjoy their digital life and feeling connected, entertained and secure at the premises.

Property Development

We know that there is a lot to consider when choosing your strategic partners. Property developers and residents can benefit from our full range of services. Talk to us today so we can get involved in your project and contribute to your success.

Retirement and Assisted Living

Our expertise has helped niche sectors in particular NDIS and retirement living communities. We want to make use of technology readily available to everyone. We understand that your needs are unique so we will tailor our solutions to add value to your enterprise. 

Remote and Regional

We offer regional and remote Australia access to fast broadband. We’re committed to delivering faster and more reliable connections that will contribute to regional economic growth. We can design and implement solutions such as transmission tower and satellite dish  helping  Australia’s hard to reach places to connect and enjoy the benefits of technology.

Our Services

Internet Services

We are specialized in a wide range of telecommunication networks to our wholesale and corporate partners. Dedicated to offering residents a premium service we implement internet solutions like FTTP – FTTB, NBN and more. We have worked as a strategic adviser to clients across large telecommunications projects providing solutions to particular needs including retirement living community, NDIS and high rise buildings. Learn more about how you can future proof your development with reliable and high-performance internet services.

Home Phone

Our range of networking solutions include home phone services that work without the hassle of nbn installation.

Matv / Foxtel

MATV stands for Master Antenna Television. Our team can provide you with advice on the design and development of MATV for your building, along with ongoing maintenance services. We can install the entire system including antennas, mast amplifiers, taps, splitters or outlets. Additionally, you can combine MATV with a satellite dish for PayTV services, like Foxtel. We have worked on large installations in multi-dwelling units ensuring everything is Foxtel compliant. Discuss with us the different options suitable for apartments, units, resorts, retirement villages and more.

Access Control

Improve your building People Flow and security by integrating your access control system. Residents can enjoy peace of mind from being able to see, hear and speak to visitors before granting them access to the property. Simply pressing the button will automatically unlock the door. At Frontier Networks, our certified technicians are ready to provide their professionalism and know-how to install building access control systems you can trust. We install, repair or upgrade access control systems for your community or bigger systems for complexes and high rises.


Safety and security become an integral consideration for those making decisions about where to rent and eventually where to buy. Developers may need to pay special consideration about the services choice to increase the value of the development from a technology perspective and which may also assist to differentiate the development and future-proof the building.
As market leader in our sector, we always look for new products and solutions to help our clients feel more secure and better enjoy the apartment/community living lifestyle. We specialize in the design and installation of electronic security products. Talk to us today about our integrated security solutions.


We are here to help you increase your building’s operational efficiency. A single coordinated system control will help promote a safer building, providing a better response in the event of an emergency. We can successfully integrate, install and support your building management system, making it easier to increase comfort, safety, and security for your occupants.

Smart Homes

Your perfect home awaits. Home automation is now a reality!

We offer new ways to put people in control of your their own place. Thanks to the latest technology advancements communities can enjoy the benefits of home automation at their fingertips like never before. If you are a property developer, home automation can be the finishing touch of your building design offering potential buyers a highly desired differentiation. Invest in the future value of your development with our high-tech solutions.

Our Clients

Frontier Networks can help you to move your business forward partnering with you to offer your clients the latest technology solutions. The way we do it? We do it: once, right and fast.

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