Technology liberates us. It empowers us. But for many seniors, technology frustrates, even isolates. Frontier is changing all that, with something completely new. We’ve created an organisation solely to give seniors the power to unlock the connecting potential of communications technology. Providing effortless access to the wonders of the modern world, and putting them back at the centre of their families’ lives. With us, the technology isn’t the hero: it’s purely the catalyst for what it can deliver to people.

Connectedness. Confidence. New experiences.

If it sounds simple, that’s because we’ve put an enormous amount of effort into making it so. We apply our vast technical skill and our unparalleled understanding of the needs of retirement providers, to create an experience utterly unlike that of other telcos and technology providers.

We take care of everything, so that you, and the seniors you provide for, don’t have to.



Want to leave the complexities and technical challenges of building a retirement village network to the one true specialist? Want to rely on someone with an exemplary track record? Want complete confidence in the ability of your provider to delight every single customer?

Talk to us.

We don’t see ourselves as a mere external service provider; more as a joint venture partner – as committed to ensuring your residents’ lives are happy, exciting and fulfilling as you are. We’ll work with you to understand their needs and your objectives, creating a totally customised technology solution which delivers far beyond your expectations.

Internet. Phone. Mobile. Cable TV. E-health monitoring. Built, installed and presented in a package that’s more affordable, easy-to-use and senior-friendly than anything they’ve ever imagined.

For the first time ever, it’s tech that speaks their language.

So, how do we do that?

We build.

Challenge us with the task of designing, constructing and installing a network that can deliver a suite of life-enhancing communications services now and into the future. And we’ll make it happen.

We connect.

Service unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. It all comes down to a real understanding of people for whom technology isn’t second nature. We make it risk-free to choose, effortless to get started, and exciting to explore.

We bring to life.

We don’t just get the technology up and running – and then run. As important to us as having the technology sing, is ensuring the customer is confident using it. Friendly introductory sessions and ongoing support make our tech a joy to use.

Take a look at the solutions we are offering