About us

We’re good at creating technology networks for communities. You’re good at perfectly meeting the needs of your residents. With our combined intelligence, we’re set to create something great.

A network that empowers and delights your seniors, and connects them with the world around them, with no stress and no fuss. Key to creating the right solution is an intensive early period of collaboration. We’ll define objectives together and establish a vision for excellence.

But from then on, you can leave everything to us.

We’ll take care of every single technical challenge, all the complexity, and every phase of build, installation and initiation. We guarantee your residents a customer service experience they could never have imagined. Leaving them happy, energised and eager to explore a new digital world with complete confidence.

The way we work

  • We deliver a new standard in connectedness, empowering people to live better, happier lives.

  • We seek to inspire complete confidence, and assume total responsibility for every aspect of a project.

  • Intensive partner collaboration is critical to developing superior solutions.

  • Total customisation. Real innovation. Every project begins with a clean slate.

  • Respect for and understanding of the customer shapes everything we do.

Our expertise

  • A company created and led by some of the nation’s pre-eminent thought-leaders in telecommunications.

  • Management have held senior roles in Telstra, Allegro, Boeing, the Australian Army, and leading Silicon Valley tech consortiums.

  • Our key people have more than 50 years’ combined experience in communications technology.

  • Equally innovative in engineering, logistics, product customisation and relationships management.

  • Unparalleled operational experience in defence, aerospace and civilian telecommunications, and in community telecoms development in the resources and retirement sectors.

The team
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David Waldie


Paul Mula


David is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Frontier Networks, David has over 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry.

David has built a proven and experienced management team at Frontier with deep experience across engineering, network operations, service delivery and the customer experience.

Prior to founding Frontier, David founded and built Allegro Networks into the largest operator of community networks in Australia at the time

Prior to Allegro Networks, David had held senior executive roles at Telstra, including heading Telstra’s broadband strategy and strategic marketing during the explosive adoption period during the 2000’s.

Having sold Allegro Networks, David was looking for a new challenge, the opportunity to build the leading provider of curated technology services for the growing market of over 65 year olds is the reason for founding Frontier.

‘Frontier is not the company you think it is. It is not an ISP, or a telco or an IT services company. We do all those things but at our core, is a belief that our people will make the difference. People to help our customers connect with their friends and family, connect to the growing ecosystem of health and care services they need, and connect to the exciting possibilities of education and entertainment online’.

David has a young family and ageing parents of his own. He has lived the frustrations felt by seniors grappling with new technology and the effortless adventures of young digital natives. ‘In some ways, if we can help someone reconnect with their children and grandchildren, using the wonders of technology and social media and help them with their third act in life, then our job is done’.

Paul Mula is a co-foundering director and the current COO of Frontier Networks Pty Ltd, Australia’s first licensed telecommunications carrier solely focused on the retirement and aged care sector.

After almost a decade of operational experience with the Australian Army, designing and sustaining telecommunications systems, Paul moved to California’s Silicon Valley to take up a project engineering role with a leading international defence communications contractor.

Upon relocating back to Australia, Paul continued in the defence industry working for defence and aerospace giant – Boeing, in numerous engineering and leadership roles.

Prior to founding Frontier Networks, Paul was General Manager – Resources and Regional Division for Allegro Networks, Queensland’s largest owner and operator of telecommunications networks and infrastructure.

Paul holds formal qualifications in Telecommunications Systems Engineering gained from the Australian Defence Force and is a Registered Project Manager with the Australian Institute of Project Management.