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Residential telecommunications fibre network infrastructure specialists

Frontier Networks is a licensed telecommunications carrier and network infrastructure builder offering the latest fibre optic ultra-fast fibre telecommunications services. Frontier also integrates TV and advanced smart building management and security systems to the fibre network.


We are pleased to offer the latest optic fibre network technology, High quality networks  to support complex business needs, security and communications systems.

Design & Construction

We help you in the design process to construct a development equipped with the network infrastructure needed for the future.


Integrate internet, phone, common area WiFi, Freeview MATV, satellite TV, Foxtel, CCTV, security, building access systems, and more.

Building Management

Frontier offers an open network supporting multiple retail service providers (RSPs).  The retail providers offer a superior choice of speeds, services and bundled offerings for consumers.

Become future ready. Let's get connected.

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