A streamlined telecommunications system to save you money

Connected homes need strong telecommunications infrastructure.

With a key motivating factor to purchasing a property being lifestyle and convenience, planning for telecommunications infrastructure by a property developer is these days becoming a cornerstone of the design and planning stage. Traditionally it’s often when projects are well into construction that the telco provider is selected however what’s not often considered is that planning early can be the difference that could save tens of thousands of dollars. 

In 2021 Frontier Networks was awarded the project to build Azzurra’s 2500-unit Imperial Square. This arrangement was cemented due to having been able to make an upfront saving of over a million dollars for our client. Our early involvement has also meant we’ve been able to support throughout the build adapting plans as the build evolves.

As a true alternative to the NBN, Frontier Networks is a fully certified provider of next-generation telecommunications fibre infrastructure. With the ability to provide the fastest internet connections available in Australia, we’re able to meet even the most advanced customer requirements. 

The real cost saving however for many developers is in addressing a common issue that arises from having to work with a myriad of suppliers to build systems necessary to operate the development. An industry-wide issue is the over-engineering of telecommunications infrastructure leading to stove-piped systems. 

Have you considered GPON for your next development? 

GPON stands for Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network. Essentially it is a form of fibre optic technology that allows a higher speed of transmission and reception of data through a single fibre (which is also about as thick as a human hair). Implementing it through your next development provides higher bandwidth delivery, faster speeds, longer distance transmission and minimises maintenance work. Importantly, however, it also allows for a number of different systems to run through the GPON including Free to Air (FTA) & Building Management Systems (BMS) for intercoms, lift control and CCTV cameras.

Partner early to save money

Frontier’s early involvement in your project allows us to work directly with other supplier partners such as electricians and builders to ensure that systems implemented are streamlined appropriately. A common challenge is in passing a design and planning stage without a telecommunications provider. The result can mean stovepiped systems with unnecessary equipment ie. risers that may also not work as efficiently as it could. As a result of less equipment required the reduction of space needed could also lead to more space billable by the developer.

The Frontier Difference

Frontier is a genuine alternative to the NBN. Based in Brisbane, we’re a team of hand on specialists who partner with our clients to deliver on time, every time. If you’d like to know more about how we can support your upcoming build, please reach out to us here to know more. 

At Frontier, we design, construct & connect homes to super-fast internet to support smart homes of today and in the future.

Contact us to learn how we can partner together on your next build.

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